Mammograms can detect breast abnormalities before you can actually feel them.



There are different ways mammograms are used:

  • Screening mammograms—Screening mammograms are done on a regular basis, compared to your previous mammogram, and used to check for potential abnormalities.
  • Diagnostic mammograms—A diagnostic mammogram is done when you or your doctor detect a suspicious lump or other problem.

If an abnormal area shows up on your mammogram, you may need to have more X-rays. You also may need a biopsy.

A biopsy is the only way to tell for sure if cancer is present. In a biopsy, a sample of tissue can be taken for examination under a microscope to determine if there is any cancer present. Imaging techniques play an important role in biopsy. One type of needle biopsy, the stereotactic-guided biopsy, uses a computer and scanning devices to pinpoint the precise location of the abnormal area. A needle is then inserted into the breast and a tissue sample is obtained. All of these procedures are conducted at Trinity’s Images Mammography Center.